Ideas for group templates

Ideas for group templates

I had a few ideas for tying together character backgrounds (and a couple on individual backgrounds). These are just suggestions—your characters are your own—but I wanted to toss them out there. A few revolve around the idea that your character could be one of the few remaining superheroes.

Group Template resources from Fear the Boot

1. A pair of PCs could be a hero (or pair of heroes) and his/their arch-nemesis—former enemies forced to work together, but wary (perhaps the hero plans to keep an close eye on the villain, perhaps the villain will look for an opportunity to do away with the hero, once and for all).

2. A hero past his prime—a hero has come out of retirement (or is trying to recover from being out of shape, a recovering alcoholic, a hero addicted to the stim pills that give him his powers, etc.)

3. Combo of #1 and #2: a villain whose sole reason for existence is fighting a specific hero (e.g., Megamind) has dragged his former foe into the resistance, in the hopes of “saving” him (either to continue their ongoing battles, or make him worthy of killing)

4. A group of villains who have previously worked together (and sometime competed). Perhaps they are tied together by former a villainous society (to oppose the local Justice League equivalent), or perhaps they were all foes of the same hero. A good example of this are the Rogues, Flash’s enemies. Good article here about the Rogues, including info on their Code of Conduct which might be interesting to play.

5. Combo of #4 and #1—a group of villains AND the hero they used to fight. Note, this might make the player playing the hero too central (or too vulnerable), so perhaps the hero is an NPC and offscreen. (If so, there is an interesting hero in the setting called Hammer of Justice. For various reasons, he has “gone over the edge”, and is hunting down supervillains and killing them. This might give the party of villains a reason to band together and join the resistance—for protection.

6. Combo of #4 & #2—a group of villains, and the down & out hero they used to fight.

Ideas for group templates

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