Necessary Evil by Grimbald

Session 3: The Underground Irregulars

Searching for a hidden power source beneath the city

After the tense confrontation between Roht and Valtriss, things have settled down into a wary truce for now. The group spent a few days exploring their warehouse, and going off on various individual errands. At one point during their investigation of the warehouse, they come across a heavy crate. Inside, they find what appears to be some kind of generator encased in a rusty iron frame. A thick but very short power coupling rests on a hook on one side, ready to be plugged in somewhere —it does not appear to fit any standard connections. A single telescoping titanium rod is also visible in the machine’s top, recessed in a deep tube. It seems obvious this rod will expand at some point — most likely when the device is powered up.

The City and Thundercracker spend a couple of hours examining the device, and eventually realize it’s purpose is to collect and beam raw energy in a very narrow beam. They also realizes anyone who “touches” the beam (when active) would almost certainly die.

The purpose of the device becomes clear the next day, when a prerecorded message comes over the team’s comm-links.

“The information that Mindjack provided me reveals that there is a power source located deep beneath Star City that the aliens haven’t discovered. I need access to that power source for my own purposes.

“Finding it won’t be easy, however. It was created by the villain named Terron some years ago, and its exact location died with him. It is my firm belief that the Undergrounders who live beneath the city know its location. Persuading them to share this information is another matter.

“You’ll need a very heavy piece of equipment to make the power terminal useful to me. You’ll find it in the warehouse where I left you. Be sure one of you can carry it, or find another way to transport it.”

“Start with the sewers under the Star City. The entrance to the caverns must be down there somewhere.”

The device weighs about 600#, but Dreadnought can easily carry it. Fortunately, Roht’s carefully questioning of Valerie Ramirez while she was mind controlled provided a rough description of the best route into the caverns, so the group should be able to find the entrance in sewers relatively quickly. So, after various preparations and squabbles, the group finds themselves slogging through a series of damp, muck-encrusted brick and stone passages that wind beneath the city proper.

Deep beneath the city, they are set upon by a pair of G’roks, they manage to overcome them, but sustain injuries and decide to retreat. Back on the surface, The City’s fashions a chemical sprayer to mask their smell from the G’roks, and the group manages to reach the underground base of the rebels.

Once there, Valerie Ramirez is deeply suspicious of the group, especially of Roht and Valtriss, but eventually agrees to take the party to the hidden power source, in exchange for the secret of the chemical spray to protect her people from the G’roks.

The group is led to a mostly collapsed tunnel. Leaving the rest of the party behind, Roht turns ethereal, bypasses the debris and finds himself in the former lair of the villain Terron. At the
dead center is a massive, tower-like device, crackling with purple energy. Several large entrances are visible around the chamber’s perimeter, but all have been collapsed by careful demolition. Roht watches impassively as a giant robot attempts to attack him (and fails, since he is still ethereal). Roht easily dispatches the robot, and attempts to control the power source, only to have Something Terrible happen.



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