Necessary Evil by Grimbald

Session 2: Jailbreak! (cont'd)

Mindjack is freed along with other prisoners, and the villains vie for dominance

With the V’Sori Drones dispatched, the group examines the prisoners in the jail. After Dreadnought frees the groggy, injured Mindjack, a Latina woman with odd spots on her face and hands across the hall calls out to Valtriss, and asks to be freed.

Roht arrives, and casts a spell to control her mind, forcing her to reveal that she is Valerie Ramirez, the leader of an underground resistance movement (literally underground, based in an extensive set of caverns under Star City), and has powers related to the control of earth and rock. After Roht frees her, he seems bemused by the stream of invectives and curses she let’s loose at him. After considering it for a moment, he informs her that she, along with the rest of the humans on this planet, are now the property of the Haradrim, and should behave accordingly. This prompts another stream of insults and curses, but Roht nonetheless lets her live.

With the list that The City retrieved from the base’s computers, the party reviews the rest of the inmates:

  • Neutrino
  • 8 members of the IBEW from Eastpoint, who were protesting the against Mayor Perez’s collaboration with the V’Sori. The protest ended in a violent encounter with the SCPD. These men were arrested and turned over to the Fins, for god knows what fate. ( Kurt Batalla, Ted Gandee, Tyrone Holsten, Jamie Feld, Darren Soltis, Lonnie Sartori, Darryl Torrens, and Bob Arebalo)
  • A family of 5: Jason and Nell Stennet, and their kids Mary, Thomas, and June (age 14, 12, and 5) who got caught up in the fracas. Jason and Nell have a small grocery store in Easpoint.
  • English professor, formerly of SCU, Brandon Richmond, and his wife Shelley. Caught up in same events. Age 57 & 53.
  • 5 gangmembers of the Southside Crew from Southpoint. They were breaking into houses, stealing what little the tenants had, and were ratted out by the Southpoint Slashers (a quisling gang)

Dreadnought and Thundercracker break open most of the rest of the cells (except for those of the gang members). Roht informs them that they are now property of the Haradim. When one of the union men tells him what he can do with this information, Roht disintegrates him—to the horror of the other freed inmates (and yet more colorful and creative insults from Valerie Ramirez, and a harsh, hateful glare from Neutrino). Ekwensu intervenes to undermine Roht’s dignity with a hotfoot.

After that, the group shepherds the freed prisoners out to the center of the camp.Dr. Destruction’s carrier swoops back in for pickup. The doctor sneers when he sees the additional freed captives — ”Look at the villains playing the hero! How disappointing. I don’t suppose you bothered to check if any of them are actually useful?” The villains say that yes, actually, they are. After herding everyone aboard, the carrier takes off as quickly as it landed and soars off into the night sky. The group notices Dr. Destruction nod to Ramirez, apparently familiar with her, and studiously ignore Neutrino—though his guards keep a close eye on him.

After getting a brief report, and telling the other captives they would be dropped off near their homes, Dr. Destruction speeds them to an abandoned warehouse in Southpoint, suggesting it will make a workable base for them (since the The City is not yet ready to let the group into his home). As he drops them off, his guards hand them CommLinks. Dr. Destruction explains that they will allow secure team communication, and alert them to the activities of the V’Sori—giving them the option to thwart the V’Sori in their own ways, in between his missions for them. He they says, “I thank you for your service tonight. You performed better than I thought you would. I suggest you come up with a team name for yourselves. You’re an Omega cell now, whether you want to be or not. I’ll be in touch.”

As the group leaves, the English professor stands up to follow Valtriss, apparently under his control. Dr. Destruction says “Not on my ship”, and roughly shoves the professor back into his seat, strapping him in. Valtriss is confused by this, and assures the Doctor that nothing would happen on his ship, but the Doctor refused to let Valtriss take the human for a brain snack. Valtriss (and Neutrino for that matter) eye the Doctor, suspicious of his reasons for protecting the professor.

Once in the warehouse, the group explores their new home—and Roht immediately attempts to dominate Valtriss. He momentarily succeeds, only to have Dreadnought leap to Valtriss’s rescue—knocking Roht across the wide space of the warehouse. Valtriss manages to turn the mental tables on Roht, bringing him under its control. Eventually, Ekwensu (to whom Roht seems to pay an amazing amount of deference), steps in to explain to Roht that attempting to control his teammate’s minds in unproductive and frowned upon. Roht and Valtriss seem to come to an uneasy truce, with some grudging mutual respect, and discuss the possibility of exchanging information on their reasons for visiting this planet.

(Locations noted on Star City Map)



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