Necessary Evil by Grimbald

Session 1: Jailbreak!

Our villains are freed by Dr. Destruction, and given a mission.

Sometime in the last two days, the aliens slapped you in irons. Nullifiers, to be precise. You were wreaking havoc in Star City when the aliens performed one of their random sweeps. Some of you were spotted by dumb luck, others were ratted out by someone who has a very bad day coming sometime in the near future.

You were transferred from one holding facility to another, and finally put on this M’buna, a weird alien transport ship that’s currently zipping down Central Avenue. Most likely, they’re heading for one of those big Man O’ Wars to take you off world. Rumor has it they like to dissect folks with super-powers to see what makes ‘em tick.

At least you won’t suffer alone. There are a few others in here as well—as motley a collection of weirdos as you’ve ever see—and to top if off, a small Pepsi truck is wedged in here with you.

  • A man who looks like an African warrior introduces himself asEkwensu, a demigod and servant of Chukwu, who seeks to avenge the wrongs suffered by Mother Earth at the hands of the alien invaders. Ekwensu was playing a trick on a V’sori officer (by making him believe a bridge was there when it wasn’t), and was hunted down.
  • An eight foot tall hunk of walking obsidian laconically introduces himself as Dreadnought—a prototype supersoldier created by the V’Sori who escaped their control.
  • A slim, creepy, purple alien with a tentacles on his face, introduces himself as Valtriss, an ambassador from the Illithid race. He and Dreadnought escaped the V’Sori together about a week ago, and since then he has been sampling the delights that this delicious planet has to offer. Valtriss doesn’t actually speak—instead his voice can be “heard” inside everyone’s heads.
  • A trim man with close cropped hair, the only normal-appearing human in the transport, curtly says that he is The City, the protector of Star City. He allowed the V’Sori to think they had captured him while infiltrating one of their bases.
  • The most beautiful man you ever saw, a divine creature with chiseled features whose every gesture is accompanied by choirs of angels, says that he is Roht The Mighty, Destroyer of Worlds, Obliterator of Souls, Terminus of Hopes, Inadvertent Rescuer of Fluffy Kittens.
  • Finally, to everyone’s surprise, the grill on the front of the Pepsi truck suddenly moves, and introduces itself as Thundercracker, a Decepticon who arrived here on Earth on a trading mission from his master, Megatron.

Suddenly the M’buna flies into the air! It flips end over end, sending you tumbling into the other captives. The world is a jumble of color and cursing before you finally come to rest. The M’buna is ripped wide open and you see blood and smoke everywhere. A massive explosion rocks the wreck, killing the Fin guards as they stagger forth. You’re stunned, trying to gather your senses, but the nullifiers keep you weak and useless.

Then a familiar figure strides through the smoke holding a massive gun. There can be no mistaking the famous form of Earth’s most powerful supervillain — Dr. Destruction!

“You want to live?” Destruction asks. When everyone quickly agrees, they are yanked up out of the carnage and shoved roughly into the smoke. A number of green-suited masked minions quickly escort the villains — still bound by the nullifiers — into a waiting Anti-grav personal carrier.

As the transport zips northward, the villain explains himself while his minions slap small lumps of clay and tiny receivers onto each villain’s nullifier manacles.

“You might think I rescued you because I’m in awe of your amazing powers. You’d be wrong. You can all be cut into flank steaks on a V’sori examination table for all I care.

“No, I rescued you for two reasons. The first is because it draws the fins away from my real target. The second is because I can always use a new Omega cell. If you want in, and can prove yourself to me tonight you’re in. If you’re not interested…well, let’s just say you will be.”

At that, Dr. Destruction slams a button on the wall. The back hatch opens, and each of you plummets out of the carrier and into the darkness below. “You’ve got precious few seconds before you hit the ground. Since I’ve touched each of you, I can now communicate telepathically at the speed of thought. One of your few seconds will be gone by the time I finish my offer. I suggest you think fast.

“There’s a prisoner in the holding pens named Mindjack. You might have heard of him — he pulled the Amij Diamond job last summer. He’s in there somewhere, and I want him. If you agree to break him out and bring him to the center of the camp ALIVE — I’ll bust open your nullifiers so you can survive the fall. If you tell me to go stuff myself, I can only say that I hope you hit a Fin on your way down.

“Find Mindjack, bring him to the center of camp. I’ll pick those who survive up after I deal with any remaining V’sori that fly in. It won’t end there though. I can find you wherever you go now. I can help you and show you how we can defeat the invaders who took over our playground, or I can point you out to them like wounded prey to a hound. It’s your choice. You have 7 seconds.”

All the villains quickly agree—except for The City who tries to get his cuffs off until the last possible second, before finally agree. Thundercracker transforms into a jet and catches Valtriss, Roht casts a Flight spell, Ekwensu creates a duplicate of himself to give him a soft landing (to the horror of the others), Dreadnought teleports to the ground, while The City slams into the tin roof of the main building in the V’Sori prison camp—hurt but mobile.

Lights quickly come on in the camp, as 4 drones emerge from the guard shack near the gate—and then 8 more emerge from nearby barracks. Thundercrackers helps the others down from the roof, and then takes flight again to strafe the drones. The City finds an access panel to cut off the lights and communication, and download a list of those interred here (the list includes Mindjack, the diminutive hero Neutrino, various villains and several civilians). Valtriss probes mentally to find Mindjack, and then heads inside. Dreadnought teleports to swipe at some drones, then lifts the shack from its foundation and batters another pair of drones. Ekwensu turns invisible, creates a duplicate, and creates illusionary warriors to attack the drones, while Roht commands two drones to attack their fellows.

By the time the rest of the group has mopped up the drones, Valtriss and Dreadnought are inside. Valtriss repeatedly tries to take control of Mindjack to get him moving (while resisting temptation), while Dreadnought tries to rip open the reinforced cell.



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